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Charged with a Crime? Criminal Lawyers in Frankston and Other Melbourne-Area Communities Can Help

 Criminal Lawyers: Frankston and Other Victoria Communities


If you have been accused of a crime in Frankston, you should contact an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many fine lawyers who serve the Frankston area (as well as other communities near Melbourne such as Seaford, Langwarrin, Mount Eliza, Somerville, Tyabb, Mornington, Chelsea, Aspendale, and Hastings.) Whether you are innocent of the charges or you have made a mistake, it’s important to engage a lawyer as soon as you are able to. Many times the accused makes the mistake of trying to manage their own case, or decides to make a statement before getting advice from their lawyer. It can be impossible for a lawyer to undo damage done early on in the case, and these errors can lead to harsher-than-necessary legal consequences.


Choosing a Good Criminal Lawyer


What should you look for when choosing a criminal lawyer? It can feel as though you are taking a leap of faith when you choose your legal advocate, and, in a way, you are. But there are some guidelines that can help you to make the right choice.


Make sure that you understand exactly what you are being charged with. This can be important in your selection of lawyer. Look for lawyers who serve the local area. An area lawyer will be familiar with local procedures, prosecutors, and the court schedule.


Some considerations are no-brainers – your lawyer should have experience with cases like yours, and a lot of knowledge about criminal law and legal proceedings. The firm you choose should also have a good track record of success with cases such as yours. If you are charged with a serious crime, it is particularly important to ascertain that the lawyer has trial experience. In lower-level cases, a lawyer who can negotiate with the prosecutor is often what’s needed.


You will want to deal with a firm that offers an upfront assessment of your case, and which includes a fee plan. Flexible billing options could save you money -- sometimes a fixed fee is the best option, but other times hourly billing is more cost-effective. (One thing to keep in mind is that more expensive lawyers are not necessarily better; you’re looking for a combination of quality and affordability.)


One consideration that is specific to you and to the lawyer is how well the two of you communicate. Does he or she listen carefully to you? Does he or she communicate clearly and answer questions you may have to your satisfaction? Is the level and method of communication satisfactory to you? (Will the lawyer contact you regularly? Will you stay in touch via teleconferencing or telephone? How often will you meet in person?)


Moving Forward


Once you have engaged a lawyer, make sure that you review and understand the agreement between the two of you, particularly with regard to termination. Do your best to meet your obligations as outlined in the agreement, and to communicate as candidly as possible with your lawyer.

Criminal Law Firms Evolve with Technology

The way we communicate continues to evolve every day with new technological advances. The Internet and the online tools we use every day, (apps, emails, social media,) have an effect on how we communicate. As such, the way we communicate with a legal advisor will also need to evolve to be as effective as possible. Innovative criminal lawyers no longer root themselves in large cities where only the few can access them. Using the Internet to reach communities all over Australia is what effective law practitioners are doing to provide quality service to all reaches of the continent. By using websites, online client portals and mobile applications, legal teams can communicate quickly and efficiently important information that is required to compile a successful case.

By using online user portals, clients can track the progress of their case and review what is required of them, or their lawyer, as next steps in the case. That is of course, provided the seriousness of the criminal case allows clients access to Internet and online communication. Criminal lawyers serving Frankston and area specifically have experience in working specifically with the legal system and community there. That gives clients comfort and faith they have someone who is knowledgeable and can anticipate specific factors that may impact their case.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact a criminal lawyer in Frankston or surrounding areas now, and learn more about your rights.


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